Haggadah Book Mark

The Seder can be very long for kids (and maybe even for adults!). Make your own bookmarks to help save your spot when you take a quick break.

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Egyptian Pyramids

Decorate your Seder table with an Egyptian pyramid.

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Origami Pyramids

These pyramids are great to decorate your table or serve as individual place cards!
Thanks to Aliza Sussman for this great idea!




The easiest way to make an origami pyramid is to follow this youtube video:



This guy explains it really clearly (even for origami novices)
We take no responsibilty for anything he says on his website or videos…

If you decide to make pyramid place cards, write the name of your guest on the pyramid. You may decorate each pyramid and then place the pyramid on the center of each plate.

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Pesach Puppets

Hard to believe we’re already heading into the Passover season! Our newest craft are these easy to make, easy to use Passover puppets. Meet all the Passover characters and put on your own Passover Puppet Show! Click below to download the pdf.

Our thanks to Ann Koffsky for her great craft. You can check out more of Ann’s work here.

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Scrapbooking the Makkot

I am always looking for new ways to bring the Haggadah alive at our Seder table. As our kids get older, I’m worried that the younger boys are left out in all our Seder excitement. This year I embarked on a scrapbooking project with my 4 year-old and 6 year-old sons.

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