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Warm Family Welcome

A family photo, some decorations and a few words are all it takes to welcome friends and family to your Sukkah! It’s the personal touch that makes this craft so adorable!

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Paper Flower Chain

My kids LOVE making paper chains for our Sukkah. This chain is also great for Tu B’Shvat.

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Balloon Mania!

This year we are LOVING balloon crafts! We are using balloons as our base to make all sorts of hanging Sukkah decorations!

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Awesome Paper Chains

Paper chains are a standard in every Sukkah. We’ve raised the bar a bit with these Magen David chains.

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Rainsticks for Younger Kids

The simplest way to make a rain stick will thrill and delight your kids with the sound of rain!

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Ktav Stam (Scribe’s Writing)

Cut and paste or try writing on your own!

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The Recycled Sun Catcher Sukkah Decoration

Any craft that engages my three young boys for more than ten minutes gets my automatic seal of approval! Using water bottles and a few supplies, create a sun catcher for your sukkah!

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