Traveling in a Car

With vacation time in full swing, families everywhere are getting into their cars and hitting the road. While most of the planning goes into where you’re going, we’re looking at how to get you there with your sanity intact.

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Traveling on a Plane

The best piece of advice I’ve ever heard is that plane travel is a finite amount of time. Even if it’s the worst flight ever (motion sickness! Endless crying!), it ends when the plane touches down and then you never need to see any of the passengers ever again.

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Surviving Vacation

True story: this year our family went to Disney World. As we are walking from one ride to the next, my 6 year-old begins to complain that he is bored. I (mostly patiently) explain to him that he is literally at the most fun place on the planet, and it is simply impossible for him to be bored. Without missing a beat, he says to me, “well then I’m hungry.”

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