Oven Fried Curried Tofu

 As evidenced by Megillat Esther, the Jewish people have a long history with India.  Here’s an easy and delicious Indian dish you can make to serve at your Purim (or any!) meal. Serve it alone, over rice, or atop a salad.

Non-Alcoholic Margarita Cupcakes

Nothing shouts Purim louder than these!

Hamantaschen Filling

What goes in your Hamantaschen?


Every family has their own recipe that they hold near and dear. We’ve managed to pry a few away!

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Chili Wine Chicken

Just in time for Purim, we’re bringing you the perfect chicken recipe for your holiday meal!

A Purim Martini

Why not start your festive Purim meal with a classic Martini?

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Achashverosh’s After Dinner Amaretto Tea

Achashverosh was a notorious insomniac. When cuddling with his favorite teddy bear under his fluffy blanket failed, he was known to summon his diary and his favorite drink! Ok, maybe I embellished the story as told in the Megillah a bit, but this after dinner drink is certainly fit for a king!

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The Queen Esther

Imagine Queen Esther holding court in her flowing royal purple robes, a golden crown sitting atop her head. Now you know the inspiration behind our own Queen Esther cocktail!

Persian Golden Crusted Rice

We are very lucky to have so many Persian friends. This dish is a staple in so many homes. With all the parties Achashverosh threw, I bet this rice was served to Queen Esther when she was queen of the Persian Empire!

Harvey Wallbanger Cake

End your Purim seuda with a bang!

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