Gefilte Fish Patties

Gone are the days of boiling, shaping and jarring homemade gefilte fish. Frozen gefilte fish is the way to go! At our house, it’s rare to find a loaf of boiled gefilte fish on our Shabbat or Yom Tov table. Try serving your gefilte fish breaded and fried — your family will thank you and ask for more!

Homemade Matbucha

My mother used to make a variant of this dish and my sister gave me the recipe. I couldn’t copy the flavor exactly, but I was pretty happy with these results – and so is everyone else who tries it! It’s a great spread for your challah or a dip for your vegetables and pita chips. I take my leftovers to work for snacking on with baby carrots. Even my kids love this tangy dish.

Egg Rolls

When I was a kid, egg rolls was my first favorite “grown up” kind of food. (I’m not sure why I considered it grown up — maybe because egg rolls are so full of vegetables!) Today, I still love them. I order them at restaurants, buy them frozen in a package, pick some up at my deli counter — you name it. But I just discovered how easy, and not time consuming (and economic!) it is to make my own. They really do look labor and time intensive to prepare. Your guests will marvel that you took the time to make these egg rolls!


We’ve shown you how to make homemade chumus. We’ve given you the secret behind Israeli salad. It only seems right that we offer up a homemade falafel recipe.