Appletini Fizz

Apples, apples everywhere! Here’s another way to toast the New Year and to enjoy apples – without getting honey all over your tablecloth! Note: even though this drink’s color is right out of your crayon box, it is NOT for little hands. 

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Hot Apple Toddy

Makes 1 drink


 For those who live in colder climates, one of Sukkot’s bigger challenges is to overcome the chilliness that comes with outdoor eating. This Hot Apple Toddy serves double duty – it will simultaneously warm your hands and your insides.

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Grown Up Hot Chocolate

Few drinks are as comforting and warming as hot chocolate. This dairy dessert drink, with its adult twist, is best shared with a friend. The Little Hands around the table will be tempted to take a sip, so make sure you have enough regular hot chocolate for everyone!

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Strawberry Smash

Here’s a sweet (and colorful!!!) way to toast the New Year!

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Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is a tried and true way to brave a cold winter day!