Family-friendly Orange Soup

One of the things I love about this recipe is if you have more or less (or nothing) of something here, it still tastes great.

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Matza Balls

The secret to perfectly formed kneidlach: wet hands!

Watermelon Soup

Nothing shouts summer louder than watermelon. This soup gives a standard watermelon a little sophistication.

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3-Minute Strawberry Soup

Very little can go wrong with a three-ingredient, 3-minute soup. It’s fresh. It’s easy. And you’d have to work hard to mess it up.

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Strawberry Soup

A sure-fire hit. A simple soup that is loved by everyone.

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Summer Squash Soup

Celebrate summer produce with this soup!

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Tomato Cabbage Soup

When it comes to soup, I like to offer my guests a vegetarian option. I should also add that this soup is totally fat free and so full of nutrients. So, whether you’re on a weight-loss program, prefer to make healthier choices or are looking for a vegetarian option, this soup is for you! Also, if you’re cooking ahead for another occasion, this soup freezes very well!

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Meatball Soup

I fell in love with this soup while on a family vacation in Florida during one of its infamous cold spells. At dinner, the restaurant listed the soup of the day as Meatball Soup. I thought, “I like meatballs, and I like soup, what could be bad?” Bad? This soup was so good, the whole family ended up ordering it and we took several containers along with us. When we got home, I did my best to reproduce this dish with some pretty good results. This soup is so thick and hearty, full of meat, veggies and even a starch – it’s tough to know if one should eat it with a soup or a fork – it really is a soup that eats like a meal!

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Savory Butternut Squash Soup

Not all butternut squash soups have to be sweet. The savory spices and the tangy taste of the tomato paste add so much flavor to this soup without too much added sodium. And the aroma of this soup as you cook it… Mmmmmm….

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White Bean Soup

This soup screams protein! protein! protein! I’ve added pastrami to this bean soup to add a meaty and smoky flavor. Also, once you’ve soaked your white beans, making this soup requires no other real preparation, or any chopping, slicing or dicing! (And, as a side note, a short cooking tip: pastrami makes a great substitution in those recipes that call for bacon.)

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