Torah Treats: Korach

In this week’s Torah reading, Parshat Korach, God commands each tribe to provide a rod. Only the tribe chosen to become the priests would miraculously sprout overnight.

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TEN: Beha’alotcha

This week’s parsha looks at the Ohel Moed and Bnei Yisrael’s time in the desert.

TEN: Bamidbar

In the first Torah reading of the book of BaMidbar, God commands Moses to count the people of Israel and defines the special role of the tribe of Levites.

TEN: Nasso

This week we have new responsibilities, we have offerings, we have the laws of the Nazarites and we have some generous gifts.

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TEN: Shelach

Interested in livening up your Shabbat table? Challenge your kids to our weekly TEN. We’re asking ten questions from this week’s Torah reading. And, parents, fear not, answers are included.

TEN: Chukat

This week’s parsha is full of new mitzvot, there is a story with a rock and battles with foreign lands. There are great questions, great discussions and great projects to do. As always here are your TEN questions (and answers).

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TEN: Balak

In this week’s Torah reading, we are introduced to a King and a Prophet. The King, Balak, is desperate to curse the Israelites and sends the prophet, Balaam, to do just that. Balaam is repeatedly warned along the way not to curse the Israelites, but he chooses to go anyway. However, as hard as he tries to curse them, Balaam only manages to heap blessing on the Israelites.

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TEN: Matot-Masei

With two parshot this week, we’re covering a lot of ground. This week we start getting ready to go into the land of Israel and get a picture of how to set up life once there.

TableTalk: Bamidbar

Can a parent and a teacher share the job of raising a child?

TableTalk: Nasso

In this week’s Torah reading, Parshat Nasso, we learn about a nazir – someone who decides to separate himself from wine and haircutting (physical pleasures) in order to dedicate their days to God and Torah only!

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