TEN: VaYigash

This week’s Torah portion gives us the much-anticipated reunion between Yosef and his brothers and ultimately, Yosef and his father, Yaakov.

Parsha Craft: Vayigash. Egyptian Mask.

In this week’s Parsha, Parshat Vayigash, Joseph dramatically reveals his true identity to his brothers.Until this point, the brothers did not recognize him because – according to the Midrash – he dressed in elaborate Egyptian clothes.

TableTalk: VaYigash

We’re looking at the power of  love and respect.

Parshat Miketz Coloring Page (click on picture to print)


Personal Parsha: Miketz. The Butler

In this week’s parsha, the butler, 2 years after his release from jail, finally remembers to tell Pharaoh about Joseph. After no one succeeds in interpreting Pharaoh’s dreams, the butler tells him about Joseph who interpreted his and the baker’s dreams successfully.

Torah Treats: Miketz

In this week’s Torah reading, Pharaoh is haunted by mysterious dreams.

TEN: Miketz

Yosef begins this week’s Torah reading in prison and ends as the second in command of all of Egypt. It seems he’s been busy.

Parsha Craft: Miketz. Fat and Skinny Cows.

In this week’s Parsha, Parshat Miketz, Pharoah dreams of seven fat cows eating seven skinny cows. Ask your kids to tell you one of their weird dreams and ask them what they think it might mean. Then, go on to tell them Pharoah’s dream and Yosef’s interpretation. Kids will learn about shapes and tracing doing this project.

Parshat VaYeishev Coloring Page (click on picture to print)

devora vayeshev_Artboard 44

Personal Parsha: VaYeishev. Yehuda

In this week’s parsha, Yehuda, brother #4, tries to stop his brothers from leaving Yosef to rot in a pit. After the brothers had followed Reuven’s idea and thrown Yosef into a pit, Yehuda sees merchants traveling by and says (Chapter 37, verse 26) that they should sell Yosef to these traveling salesmen and make some money. “Why kill him?” Maybe that’s too extreme, after all…