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An edible Chanuka centerpiece!

While it certainly is the holiday of oil, not every Chanukah dish has to be deep-fried. Check out this adorable cupcake Menorah.


  • Your favorite cupcake recipe. (But be warned, do not use a cake mix. It won’t withstand the weight of the “candle.”) I made mostly mini cupcakes with a few larger ones for the Shamash.
  • Frosting (I used store bought)
  • Shimmery silver sprinkles
  • Candy sticks for the candles (I kept mine whole, but of course you can break them into halves or even thirds)


This is a great Chanukah activity to do with your kids. Once the cupcakes are made and iced, place them as a centerpiece on your dinner or buffet table. Serve for dessert. Guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone’s face.