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Ever have a hard time keeping kids quiet during the megilla? Problem solved with this multi-taking gragger!

Ages 4-6.

I found this small plastic container at a party goods store and thought, what a fun gragger that would make!


small plastic container with lid
small candies such as: jelly beans, M & M’s or chocolate chips stickers, or label paper
permanent markers


  1. With the lid on the container, have your child decorate with stickers.
  2. Make sure that the lid can still open and close.
  3. Put some candy in and shake away! Be careful: the more candy you fill,the less noise it will make.

Feeling Ambitious? Make your own Purim stickers:

Get label paper that will work with your home printer. Using an online search engine (such as Google or Bing), select “Images” and search the web for Purim related words like: hamentashen, megilah, gragger, mask. Hint: type in “clip art” after the word for fun pictures!

Copy and paste these images into a Word document where you can resize them. Print the images onto the label paper and you have your own Purim stickers! You can also have your kids draw on the labels to make their own homemade stickers.


Micol Bayer, a mother of three, is an artist and teacher who designs educational experiences that integrate art and Jewish texts. Micol enjoys doing crafts with her kids and teaches art in a Jewish day school and runs the art program at a summer camp. Visit to learn more about Micol’s art.