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True confession time: when my kids bound in the door with little plants in little planters, I groan. I know in a week or two it will be a wilted weed that we will continue to tend to until I can quietly throw it out. Enter the Grass Head Salon. This is my absolute favorite indoor/outdoor craft. Plant grass in a small planter or bucket and when it grows long enough, have your kids develop their fine motor skills as they give their grass heads a haircut.

Ages 3-10


Small aluminum bucket or plastic planter
Grass seeds
Googly eyes
White glue


1. Decorate your bucket or planter with googly eyes and stickers. (I used alphabet stickers to write each kid’s name on their bucket).

2. Add soil and seeds into the bucket.

3. Water daily.

4. As soon as the grass grows, hand over a pair of children’s safety scissors to your kids and let them take their grass head to their salon!

5. Repeat. Often.