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Why buy the store brand when this is easier, healthier and delicious?

Serves 4.


6 apples (we recommend red delicious, McIntosh or yellow delicious apples)
¾ c water
1/3 c sugar
½ tsp cinnamon


  1. Peel, core and chop your apples.
  1. Combine all the ingredients into a pot. Cook, covered, over medium heat, about 30 minutes. Make sure you stir every few minutes.
  1. If your family likes chunky apple sauce, then as you stir, don’t overly mash the apples. If your family likes applesauce a little smoother, mash with a wooden spoon as you stir.

Variation: Pack a punch! Toss in a handful of red hots (cinnamon candy) for a spicier and more colorful version.