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My mother used to make a variant of this dish and my sister gave me the recipe. I couldn’t copy the flavor exactly, but I was pretty happy with these results – and so is everyone else who tries it! It’s a great spread for your challah or a dip for your vegetables and pita chips. I take my leftovers to work for snacking on with baby carrots. Even my kids love this tangy dish.


1 head of garlic
3 red peppers
2 14.5 oz. cans diced tomatoes (I use Hunt’s fire roasted diced tomatoes. If you live in a place that doesn’t carry the product, you can regular diced tomatoes.)
¼ teaspoon salt
2-3 tablespoons of olive oil


1. Set your oven to broil

2. Position the oven rack on the top shelf

3. Half and seed the red peppers

4. Place them on a cookie sheet, skin side up

5. Broil for 10 minutes, or until skin is blackened.

6. Place in paper bag and let the skin “sweat off” for a few minutes. Skin will peel right off.

7. Puree the peppers

8. Peel and mince the head of garlic

9. Heat the olive oil in a sauce pan. Add the garlic until it is lightly browned. Then add your pepper puree. Keep stirring until the liquid is reduced from the peppers. Add your diced tomatoes, salt and pepper. Lower the heat to simmer and reduce the liquid to half. Stir occasionally. Let it cool and refrigerate. Enjoy!