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In our house, we’ve got two summer rituals that bookend the summer: the first official ice cream of the summer (on my daughter’s birthday, May 26th) and the last official ice cream of the summer (on my husband’s birthday, August 30th). All ice creams in between are simply celebrating summer months. But recently I decided why limit all that goodness to the summer so, following my friend’s guidance, I made ice cream cone cake!

Yield: 12 cones (with enough batter leftover to make one 9 x 9 chocolate cake.)


Make your favorite chocolate cake – that can be your grandmother’s recipe or a cake mix. It’s your call.

12 cones with a flat bottom (no use trying to bake these in your standard pointed cones)

Favorite icing – again that can be your go-to icing recipe, something that comes out of a container. I used Rich’s Whip which I whipped with a Tbsp of cocoa.



1. Make your batter.
2. Fill cones ½ to ¾ full of batter. You don’t want the cake to rise too much and drip down the cones. Place them standing up in muffin tins.
3. Bake for 20 minutes at 350. Keep a close eye on your cake/cones to make sure they don’t over bake.
4. Take out. Cool completely.
5. Make your icing. Frost your cones and add sprinkles.
6. Serve! (yum!)

Note: This is a great project to do with kids. You can pipe the icing on top or spread it on. Get creative with sprinkle choices and toppings.