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Sometimes it’s hard for an ordinary cucumber to compete with cookies and chips. Here’s a few ways to give veggies a head start into your kids’ bellies:

1.    Be prepared. After you’ve shopped for your week’s fruits and vegetables, wash them, slice them or cut them up. Place them in individual see-through containers in your fridge. That makes it easier to add fruits and veggies to your kids’ meals and snacks. If you (and your kids) can see it and eat it easily, it is more likely to make its way to your table and snack bags!

2.    Display. Always have a fruit bowl easily accessible in your kitchen. My kids will reach for a banana because they are easy to find and eat. If you’ve got a fruit bowl sitting out at all times, your kids are more likely to eat fruit.

3.    Experiment. Your kids may be used to raw vegetables. Try steaming, sautéing or grilling your vegetables to bring new tastes and textures to your vegetables.

4.    Shake things up. If your kids are used to cucumber circles, try serving them in spears. If you peel your cucumbers, try serving them with the peel on. Give your kids new ways to look at their vegetables.

5.    Set a good example. Nothing gets your kids eating their fruits and vegetables than seeing you eat them. Make sure your eating the proper amounts of fruits and vegetables each day. Your kids will be happy to follow your lead!