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Got a little bit of extra time? ChallahCrumbs is taking your family to Sunday school. This week we’re talking about kindess, a simple act with untold benefits!


Micha 6:8

You have been told what is good and what the Lord requires of you: to act justly, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God.

  • How can someone love kindness?
  • What is the last act of kindness that you did? Remember, kindness comes in all sizes: an act of kindness can be reading your younger sister a book or visiting the elderly (or anything in between!)


Ethics of our Fathers 1:2

The world stands on three things: on the Torah, on the service (of G-d), and on acts of loving-kindness.

  • Kindness makes it to the Top Three of what the world stands on! Do you agree that kindness is that important?
  • Imagine you were asked to add a fourth thing that the world stands on. What would it be?


Mishlei 14:21

He who is kind to the poor, happy is he.

  • How can acting kind to others make you happy?
  • What other good deeds can make you happy?



It is interesting to point out to your kids that kindness comes in all shapes and sizes. The concept of chesed, or loving kindness, is really given premium value in Judaism. Talk to your kids about why something so simple as being kind is really so important. Discuss ways to add three acts of kindness to your home each week – from simple ideas like taking turns talking at the dinner table to larger ones like donating some of their toys to a hospital or shelter.


Make a Giant Family Kindness Star Chart!


Construction paper


Star Stickers


Most kids are quite familiar with star charts. We use them for everything from good behavior to brushing your teeth to reading books. The fun with this star chart is that it is for EVERYONE in the family, parents included.

1. Make your own star chart or download one of gazillions there are on line.

2. Make sure every family member is on the chart.

3. For every act of kindness done, another star goes up on the chart.

4. When, as a family, you have reached your goal – make sure the reward celebrates the family as a whole. Have a movie night at home, go bowling, or make an ice cream party. Be creative with your rewards!