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This website,, that I have created and love so much focuses on all things that are wonderful about Judaism. It focuses on holidays and families and great food and creative crafts. It does not focus on bad.

For today, I will focus on one thing that I absolutely am heartbroken about in Judaism, the agunah, the woman who is chained into a marriage by a husband who refuses to grant her a Jewish divorce, a get. And today I’d like to make David Porat/Eli Shur famous. I would like you all to know the name (names?) of the man who abandoned his family — his wife and five children — eight years ago and refuses to give his wife a get. 

Watch the video below and then join me on my quest to make the world know David/Eli’s name and make it synonymous with a cowardly man who abandons family but abuses his power. Please share the video on your feeds, with your friends, with the world. Let’s give Adina Porat a chance at a real life. Thank you.