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A creative way to retell the story of leaving Egypt! (or a really cool way to hide fun prizes!)

I found this paper suitcase at my paper goods store this morning and decided it was the perfect thing to bring to the Seder.

I added hieroglyphics on the suitcase to make it seem “authentic” (perhaps Sharpee markers weren’t invented then but that’s just a small detail). If you have older kids, they can research hieroglyphics online and decorate the suitcase.

This is a great trigger for your Seder table. Let your children know that you found an ancient suitcase that must have been left behind as Bnei Yisrael were leaving Egypt. Ask your kids what they think is left in the suitcase or ask them what they would pack in this suitcase if they were leaving Egypt. You can fill it with matza and “jewels” or some ancient clothing.

I’m going to stuff our suitcase with small prizes to give out through the Seder. You can also create a decoder for them to decode the hieroglyphics.