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Pesach Granola

Thanks to Tamar Flank, who has supplied us with fabulous granola for Pesach!

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Some of our Favorite Pesach Videos

Here are a few of our favorite Pesach-related videos. They’re great to get you into the Pesach spirit and great to keep your kids entertained. Enjoy!

The Huge Pesach Sticker Find!

I’m loving this activity! Special thanks to Ilana Rosenbach Talitian who tossed this great idea my way! This enormous sticker board serves as a great Seder night activity!

What We’re Loving This Pesach: Midrash Manicures!

We are truly all about creative Jewish expression and nothing is making us smile more this year than Ten Plagues Nail Decals.

Pesach Giveaway: Makkot Manicures


Our friends at Midrash Manicures are giving away one set of Makkot nail decals!

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Pesach Giveaway: Golden Blossom Honey

Congratulations to Molly Pitcher, the winner a bottle of Golden Blossom Honey!

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Pesach Cauliflower

 A little twist on a breaded cauliflower gives us a delicious Pesach sidedish!

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Pesach Brownies

One of the favorite parts of my job is hearing from readers. A quick email, tweet or meeting someone on the street keeps me happy. These brownies come from running into my friend Pesha Fischer at a park. She was so excited to have me try “real brownies.” And she was right! These are a Passover treasure!

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Pesach Mandelbread

Try this mandelbread with a cup of coffee at the start of your day.

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Pesach Jam Bars

It’s always a joy to find a successful Pesach treat. 

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