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One of the most famous commandments comes out of this week’s Torah reading: loving your neighbor as you do yourself. It may not be easy to always love everyone around you, but God seems to think that we can do it. This week we’re making friendship bracelets to embrace the idea of celebrating love and friendship.


wool, string or embroidery floss


1. Cut anywhere from three to six strings. You can measure each string from your child’s wrist to their elbow.

2. Tie the strings together at the top. Tape the top of the bracelet to a table to make it easier to braid.

3. Braid the strings (much like you would braid your hair or a challah).

4. Measure the bracelet to the wrist. Tie a knot to close the bracelet. Cut off the extra string.

For older children, you may want to try a more complicated pattern. Click here for some pattern ideas: