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On the eighth day of Sukkot, we recite Tefillat Geshem, a prayer for rain. While that might seem a bit unnecessary in the States, Israel’s rainy season begins right around Sukkot.

This rain catcher makes kids excited to run outside to see how much rain has fallen!


One plastic bottle (a large soda or water bottle will do)
Exacto Knife
One wooden spoon
Pipe Cleaners
Googly Eyes
Sharpie Marker
Glue Gun or white glue


Have a parent cut the top off of the plastic bottle. Invert the top of the bottle so it is hanging into the bottle like a funnel. (Note: American bottles are far more accommodating to this project than Israeli bottles. It is easier to use two bottles in Israel – cut off the tops at different levels so that the funnel can rest easily in the larger bottle).

Use a wooden spoon. Measure off ½ inch or 1 cm spaces with a permanent marker from the bottom of the spoon.

Decorate your spoon with googly eyes and pipe cleaners (we even added a felt bow tie!).

Stick your wooden spoon man into the bottle to gage how much rain has fallen.