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Older kids will enjoy using small nails to enhance the sound of rain with this rain stick craft.

Ages 6-10


Paper towel roll (or two! To make a longer rain stick, take two or three paper towel rolls and tape them together)
30 1-inch nails (for each paper towel roll)
Masking Tape
Uncooked rice or small beans



On the seam of the paper towel roll, draw small dots about half an inch apart all the way down the tube.

Push a nail through the roll at each dot.

Use masking tape to wrap the outside of the paper towel roll to hold the nails in place.

Use stickers or markers to decorate the outside of the paper towel roll.

Cut two circles of paper a little bigger than the ends of the roll. Tape one circle over the end of the tube. Cover the circle with tape so that the whole end of the roll is sealed.

Put a handful of rice or beans inside the open end of the roll. Start with a handful of rice or beans and play around with the sound – covering the end of the roll and listening as the rice or beans fall. When you are happy with the sound, cover the top with a piece of paper and seal that end shut.