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This is a blog I never wanted to write about a little girl I never even knew. Ayelet Galena passed away yesterday at age two. She had been ill for quite some time with a rare bone marrow illness. I know that because, like thousands and thousands of people, I followed her ups and downs on facebook and on her blog.

Her parents, bravely, humorously, graciously chronicled the roller coaster that has been their life for the past year. We all followed because, as parents, we realize that Seth and Hindy were living every parent’s nightmare and we want to stand next to them, even virtually, generating as much good karma as possible through prayers, good deeds and good thoughts.

They succeeded in making Ayelet become very alive for us all. We knew her. We knew her personality (sassy! independent!), her likes (straws in wrappers! stickers!) and her dislikes. But more than anything, we learned the depths of parents’ love for their daughter. What shone through each and every posting was their dedication to Ayelet, their love for Ayelet and their truest hope that one day Ayelet would recover.

I am heartbroken that Ayelet has passed away. I am grateful because I know that she will never ever be forgotten.

May her parents be comforted amongst the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.