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I am always looking for new ways to bring the Haggadah alive at our Seder table. As our kids get older, I’m worried that the younger boys are left out in all our Seder excitement. This year I embarked on a scrapbooking project with my 4 year-old and 6 year-old sons.

On a rather ambitious trip to Michael’s, I told my boys we would be scrapbooking the ten plagues. As we went through the store, they picked out different materials that they thought could be used in our scrapbooking project (note to all parents everywhere: you can skip this step! If you don’t have a free 45 minutes to wander through a store with small people, just set up the project as an afternoon activity).

I am always interested in the conversation. I asked the boys to tell me what they have learned about the ten plagues – and surrounded by red felt and red glitter, frog and bug stickers and mountains of crayons, we started to plan out our scrapbook.

My goal is to do one page (ie. one plague) every day. It doesn’t need to be perfect or fancy (or even very good); it should just be a reflection on our conversation on the plague. The boys will then be presenting their scrapbook at the seder.