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Ages 3-8


beeswax sheets
candle wick



Cut a length of the wick that is slightly longer than the beeswax sheet. Place one wick at one end of the beeswax for Shabbat Candle, three wicks for Havdala Candle. Roll the beeswax around the wicks, gently pressing the wax to itself as you roll.

You can cut the beeswax sheet into a triangle for a tapered look (the candle will get wider at the base).

Try cutting small shapes out of leftover beeswax to create a design on your finished candle. Simply press scraps of wax onto the finished candle.

Micol Bayer is an artist and teacher who designs educational experiences that integrate art and Jewish texts. Micol creates one-of-a-kind pieces of art including ketubot, papercuts, gifts for the home, invitations, and monograms. Micol enjoys collaborating with her clients to design unique images that blend beauty with meaning. Additionally, Micol enjoys doing crafts with her kids and teaches art in a Jewish day school and runs the art program at a summer camp. Please visit www.micoldesigns.comto learn more about Micol’s art.