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This variation on a craft from takes advantage of the sunlight streaming through your Sukkah to make this stained-glass leaf shimmer and shine.


Green construction paper
Yellow, green, red and orange tissue paper
Contact paper
Glue stick
Hole puncher


1. Rip up the tissue paper into small pieces and cover the contact paper with it. Alternate colors, keeping them close together with some overlap.
2. Once you have covered the contact paper with tissue paper, take another piece of contact paper and seal the tissue paper – sandwiching the tissue paper between the two layers of contact paper.
3. Fold the construction paper in half and cut the construction paper into the shape of a leaf. Cut out the center of the leaf, leaving a ½ inch border. You should make 2 leaf frames.
4. Glue the laminated tissue paper leaf inside the leaf frame.
5. Punch a hole in the top of the leaf. String the ribbon through the hole.
6. Hang up in your Sukkah!