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Why is Moshe the one chosen to be a Jewish hero?

In this week’s parsha, we start to see the fulfillment of the promises that G-d made to the forefathers. The 70 people who went down to Egypt are now flourishing and the enslavement has begun. Of course, that means that the salvation and return to the Land of Canaan is imminent!!

We meet our hero in Chapter Two – Moshe. He will be the one G-d chooses to do the task of taking the new nation out of Egypt. But, why?? Why is Moshe, of all people, chosen?

What do you think? Why will he make a good leader?

Look at the stories that the Torah tells us about him in chapters 2 and 3. See if that gives you any insight as to why he was the One chosen to help G-d with this most-exciting part of Jewish history:

Here are some stories that we see Moshe involved with:

1)    He is found in the water by the daughter of Pharaoh, who then keeps him and raises him in the palace. (2:5)

2)    He goes out and sees the Jews working hard and saves one from the hands of an abusive Egyptian taskmaster. (2:12)

3)    He sees two Jews fighting and tries to intervene. (2:13)

4)    He saves the daughters of Yitro from the shepards around the well in Midyan. (2:17)

5)    He is a shepherd. (3:1)

6)    He is curious to see why the bush is burning but not being consumed. (3:3)

7)    He is humble when asked to go to Pharaoh and take the Jews out. (3:11)


What do we learn about Moshe from all of these details/incidents and how do they help show us what leadership qualities G-d admires and requires?