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Who do you bring to your table?

In Aramaic, the word “ushpizin” means guests. Each year we invite seven very special guests into our Sukkah, only we don’t need to serve them dinner! Our invited guests are from the Bible and we’ve picked them for their outstanding deeds and characteristics. In fact, each of our seven guests has been picked for a different middah (good quality) that they have. Each night, we invite a different one of the seven into our Sukkah.

They are:

Avraham, known for chessed – which is love and good deeds.
Yitzchak, known for Gevurah – which is strength and restraint.
Yaakov, known for Tifferet – which is beauty and truth.
Moshe, known for Netzach – which is victory and endurance.
Aharon, known for Hod – which is splendor and humility.
Yoseph, known for Yesod – which is foundation and connection.
David, known for Malchut – which is leadership.

Who would you invite to your Sukkah? Think of seven people, living or dead, fictional or real that you would like to invite to your Sukkah. What makes them so special, what characteristics do they have, that merit an invitation?

Variation: You may want to make your own personalized Ushpizin. Take seven pictures of the people you’d like to invite to your Sukkah and hang them around you Sukkah!