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Haggadah secrets for kids!

Keeping your kids interested in the Haggadah!

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The Victory Run

Passover doesn’t end with putting away Passover dishes. There is one final thing that must be done to officially end the holiday: pizza.

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The Grandma Track by Tami Lehman-Wilzig

My Recipe for a Stress-Free, Fun-Filled Seder Night

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Pesach: the Nail-Biting Phase

Pesach is right around the corner and I am just past the nail-biting phase. This is where I just worry about Pesach. I walk from room to room in my house, feeling overwhelmed, not sure how I am going to do it all.

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Spring is in the Air

Passover is known as the Springtime Holiday. Celebrate the spring season with these foam flowers.

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Pesach Placement Board Game

Add some fun to your Seder with this original board game!

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Matza Holder

Create your own Matzah holder using these simple materials!

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Matza Place Cards

Keep your Seder organized with these great place cards.

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