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Hasselback Baked Apples

Just in time for Rosh HaShana, Cooking Light magazine offers up this delicious recipe. (It looks so good I may even make it tonight!)

Apple Caramel Fondue

This delicious snack will help get your kids ready to celebrate a sweet New Year!

Pomegranate Fizz

Who says pomegranates are just for eating?   One of these days I hope to become a certified mixologist. Still, I’m pretty good with putting together delicious cocktails.   Here’s one that’s sure to please your adult crowd on Rosh HaShanah (and all year round)!

The Bee’s Knees Honey Pot

This simple craft will have your Rosh HaShana table all abuzz. A fast craft using Fimo or play dough turns an ordinary honey jar into something bee-utiful.

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A Year In Review

A wonderful way to look back at your year with your family.

Apple Stamps

A craft that appeals to parents and children alike. (Spoiler alert: wine may be involved)

Apple Prints

For the brave and for the lovers of paint, a new way to say Shana Tova.

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Wonderful Word Search: Rosh Hashana

Rosh HaShana celebrates the Jewish New Year. Filled with beautiful traditions and laws, this holiday helps get our year off to a great start!

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Maze Magic: Rosh HaShana


Help the apple find its way to the honey for a Happy and Sweet New Year!

Click on the apple below to download the printable version.

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Rosh HaShana Books

Secret-Shofar-of-Barcelona2_xsA lovely new addition to the world of Rosh Hashanah books is The Secret Shofar of Barcelona by Jacqueline Dembar Greene (yes, author of the new Jewish American Girl Doll series).

Set during the late 16th century, The Secret Shofar of Barcelona tells the story of Don Fernando Aguilar, the conductor of the Royal Orchestra of Barcelona. A converso, Don Fernando has written a piece of music for the Duke that is set to debut on the night of Rosh Hashanah and plans to have a Rosh Hashanah dinner with other Jewish families on open night, disguised as a celebratory dinner for opening night.

His son Rafael however, has a better idea — an idea that will allow the Jews of Barcelona to hear the shofar in plain sight. But, as you might expect, it’s a dangerous plan, and one that a young boy might be the only person brave enough to do.

gershon_xsFinally, for many, Gershon’s Monster by Eric Kimmel is the best Rosh Hashanah book around. And while I agree that it is beautiful (really, really beautiful), and a gripping story, it’s also scary (really, really scary). I’m including it here, instead of at Rosh Hashanah time, because Gershon’s Monster is the story of a man who never wants to own up to his poor behavior. Instead, he literally sweeps them away and dumps them in the sea. Well, nothing good is going to come out of that. As the wise man warns at the beginning of the book:

“Did you think you could live so thoughtlessly forever? The sea cries out because you have polluted her waters! God is

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