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Rosh HaShana


TEN: Rosh HaShana

With the start of the New Year, we’re testing out your Rosh HaShana knowledge! See how much you know about ushering in the Jewish New Year.

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Rosh HaShana Sponge Shapes

A simple colorful afternoon craft.

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Sponge painting is an easy way to get kids excited about Rosh HaShana. 

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Rosh HaShana Cards

This is a creative and adorable way to send out New Year’s wishes to all your friends!

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Rosh HaShana Apples

A little bit of effort pays off with these painted and colored apples!

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Decorated Honey Drippers

Honey stays on your table until after Sukkot. Dish it out in style!

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Apple Printing

Use an apple and red paint for a quick craft!

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Rosh HaShana Bee Hive

The texture of bubble wrap is the perfect way to recreate a beehive! This craft is a great way to bring the sweetness of the holiday home (without any pesky bees!).

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Thumb Print Bees

My favorite crafts are the one that have me giggle as I do them. Thumb print bees was easy and giggle-worthy. With minimal mess, this is a great project to do with younger kids.

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