Stained-Glass Leaves

This variation on a craft from takes advantage of the sunlight streaming through your Sukkah to make this stained-glass leaf shimmer and shine.

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Paper Lantern

Parents and kids need to work together to make these paper lanterns! 

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Lulav and Etrog


TEN: Sukkot

We’re taking it outside! Challenge your knowledge of the holiday of Sukkot with our TEN questions!

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TableTalk: Sukkot

Who do you bring to your table?

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Rain Painting

Definitely an outside activity! Rain Painting is a great way to keep your kids entertained.

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Hot Apple Toddy

Makes 1 drink


 For those who live in colder climates, one of Sukkot’s bigger challenges is to overcome the chilliness that comes with outdoor eating. This Hot Apple Toddy serves double duty – it will simultaneously warm your hands and your insides.

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Comic Book Bowl

A little recycling makes a colorful serving piece!