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TEN: Re’eh

This week’s parsha refers to Jerusalem often though never mentions it by name!

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TEN: Shoftim

In this week’s Torah reading we’re looking at new leadership and we’re preparing for war.

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TEN: Ki Teitzei

There are over 70 mitzvot introduced in this week’s Torah reading!

TEN: Ki Tavo

Two mountains set the stage for blessings and curses this week.

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TEN: Netzavim-Vayelech

As Moshe’s time is winding down, he has some final words to say.

TEN: HaAzinu

This week’s Torah reading comes to us in the form of a poem that Moshe composed for Bnei Yisrael.

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TEN: Bereshit

This week we see the creation of the world and of both man and woman. We watch Adam and Eve in their life in paradise and their eventual exile from the Garden of Eden.

TEN: Lech Lecha

Avram sets out on a journey that takes him to a new land where he begins his new family and starts a new religion.

TEN: Parshat VaYera

There are tremendous highs and tremendous lows in this week’s Torah reading. From the birth of Yitzchak to his sacrifice, the destruction or Sodom and the banishment of Yishmael and Hagar, the action does not stop.

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