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Torah Treats: Shmot

In this week’s parsha, the Egyptians enslave the Children of Israel with back breaking work.

Torah Treats: VaYigash

This Shabbat, you can bring your own “money” to your table.

Torah Treats: Miketz

In this week’s Torah reading, Pharaoh is haunted by mysterious dreams.

Torah Treats: VaYishlach

In this week’s reading, Vayishlach, our Torah Treat tells the tale of Yaakov crossing the river with his wives, his children and all of their belongings. Yaakov crosses the river and is met by his brother Esav. There were a lot of characters involved, and the “little hands” in this house had a great time re-enacting this story.

Torah Treats: VaYeishev

In this week’s Parsha, Yaakov bestows his son Yosef with the wondrous striped coat. As the story goes, this gift caused an immense amount of jealousy between Yosef’s other brothers — so much so, that at the end of this story, Yaakov’s other sons sell Yosef into slavery. For our Torah Treat this week, we will be making our own coat of many colors. But don’t worry — let’s plan to make enough so that everyone has one, no one gets jealous, and we all live happily ever after.

Torah Treats: Toldot

Esav and Yaakov are prominently featured in this week’s Torah portion. Upon returning from his hunting grounds, Esav, who is completely famished, storms into his home and demands from Yaakov the “red, red stew” that Yaakov is cooking. Yaakov agrees on condition that Esav exchanges the red stew for his birthright. And so Esav sells his birthright to Yaakov for a bowl of red stew.

Torah Treats: Tetzaveh

This week’s parsha describes in great detail the Priest’s required garments. Among them, “a tunic of checker work.” Here’s our version. All the cool kids will want a tunic like this!

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Torah Treats: Ki Tisa

This week’s Torah reading finds the Israelites panicking because “Moses was late coming down from the mountain.”

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Torah Treats: VaYikra

This week’s Torah reading is all about burning sacrifices until nothing is left but smoke.

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Torah Treats: Kedoshim

In this week’s Torah’s reading, we are asked not to glean the corners of our fields — including our vineyards.