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Getting set to hit the road? Have your kids decorate a prayer for the way.

Ages 3-10.


Our Tefillat HaDerech Template
Construction Paper or cardboard
Glitter Pens
Hole Puncher


Download our Tefillat HaDerech template. One side of the car has the prayer in English and the other side has the prayer in Hebrew. You can download one or both. Cut out the prayer and paste it onto construction paper or cardboard. If you doing both languages, simply paste the English on one side of the cardboard and the Hebrew on the other side.

Depending on the age of your kids, have them decorate the prayer. You can supply your kids with stickers to decorate around the prayer. Older kids can use glitter pens and markers to design their Tefillat HaDerech. They can color it in.

Punch a hole at the top of the prayer. Use yarn to tie it to your rearview mirror.

Another variation would be to print out the prayer in one language, glue it on to cardboard and have your older child write a message on the back (safe time! bring gifts!).

Great grandparent gift.