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In this week’s Torah reading, we are introduced to a King and a Prophet. The King, Balak, is desperate to curse the Israelites and sends the prophet, Balaam, to do just that. Balaam is repeatedly warned along the way not to curse the Israelites, but he chooses to go anyway. However, as hard as he tries to curse them, Balaam only manages to heap blessing on the Israelites.

  1. Who is the King of Moav in this week’s Torah reading?

Balak son of Zippor. (22:4)

  1. When asked to curse the Jews, how does Balaam respond?

He invited Balak’s messengers to spend the night and wait to hear how God will instruct Balaam what to do. (22:8)

  1. In the morning what does Balaam say?

Balaam sends Balak’s messengers back home because God did not allow Balaam to go to curse the Israelites. (22:13)

  1. What did God say to let Balam go?

If Balak’s men come again, you may go but you must follow the words I tell you. (22:20)

  1. Why does the donkey refuse to walk on the path?

An angel keeps appearing with a sword drawn. (22:23-27)

  1. What does Balaam’s donkey say when God allow him to speak?

He asks Balaam, “Why have you hit me three times?” (22:28)

  1. What does the angel tell Balaam to do?

Go but only speak the words I tell you to. (22:35)

  1. What does Balaam ask Balak to do?

To build seven altars and supply him with seven bulls and seven rams (23:1)

  1. Does Balaam curse Bnei Yisrael?

No, he ends up blessing them (23:11)

  1. What is the name of the god that the Israelites start to pray to?

Baal-peor. (25:3)