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In the first Torah reading of the book of BaMidbar, God commands Moses to count the people of Israel and defines the special role of the tribe of Levites.

1. What does God command the people of Israel to do at the beginning of this week’s portion?

To count all of the People of Israel who are males and are older than 20 years. (1:2-3)

2. What 12 men does God name?

The leaders of the 12 tribes. (1:4-17)

3. What is different about the tribe of Joseph?

It is split between Joseph’s 2 sons – Efraim and Menashe. (1:10)

4. How many males over the age of 20 were counted?
603,550. (1:46)

5. Which tribe was not counted along with the rest of the tribes?
The tribe of Levites. (1:47)

6. What was the job of the tribe of Levites?

They are in charge of taking care of the Tabernacle, all of its utensils and everything that belongs to it including putting it together and taking it apart when the Jews travel. (1:50-51)

7. How are the 12 tribes supposed to encamp?

They shall encamp surrounding the Ohel Ha’Edut, the Tent of Meeting. (2:2)

8. What are the names of Aharon’s 4 sons?

Nadav, Avihu, Elazar and Itamar. (3:2)

9. From what age does God command to count the males of the Tribe of Levites?

All Levites males from the age of a month are to be counted. (3:17)

10. Whose place did the Tribe of Levites take?

They took the place of the first born of the Jews. (3:45)