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There are over 70 mitzvot introduced in this week’s Torah reading!

1.       What type of clothing can a man not wear?
Women’s clothing. (22:5)
2.       What do you do if you see a nest with young birds and a mom and you want the birds?
Send away the mom and only then you can take the kids. (22:6-7)
3.       If you send away the mother bird what is your reward?
Things will be good for you, and your days will be prolonged. (22:7)
4.       Why must you build a fence around your roof?
Because if there is an accident you are responsible. (22:8)
5.       What two animals can not plow the land together?
An ox and a donkey (22:10)
6.       What two fabrics may not be put together in clothing?
Wool and linen (22:11)
7.       When must your workers be paid?
Workers must be paid on time.  (24:15)
8.       What reward will you receive if you have perfect weights for measuring scales (so you have honest measurements)?
Your days shall be lengthened on the Land that G-d Gives you. (25:15)
9.       Which nation may you never forget what they did?
Amalek. (25:17)
10.   Why?
Because they attacked Bnei Yisrael at the rear of the camp where the weaker people stand (25:18-19)