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The children of Israel fear the loss of Moses. They build a golden calf, but are saved from God’s anger by Moses.

1. How much money is given to the census to count each Jewish man?

Half a shekel. (30:13)

2. Who is in charge of making the items in the Mishkan?

Betzalel son of Uri from the tribe of Yehuda. (31:2)

3. Why did God give the Jewish people the Shabbat?

As a sign that God created the world for 6 days and on the 7th day He rested. (31:17)

4. What inscribed the 2 tablets received on Har Sinai?

The finger of God. (31:18)

5. Who built the Golden Calf?

Aharon, Moshe’s brother. (32:4)

6. What are the two reasons Moshe gives God to convince Him not to destroy the Jews in anger over the golden calf?

  • So the Egyptians don’t say God took Bnei Yisrael out of Egypt only to kill them.
  • So God can keep His promise to the patriarchs and make the Jews numerous. (32:11-13)

7. What does Moshe do when he is angered over the seeing the golden calf?

Smashes the stone tablets God made, incinerates the golden calf to ashes, puts the ashes in water and make the Jewish people drink it. (32:19-20)

8. Can Moshe see God’s Face?

No, just God’s back. (33:23)

9. How long was Moshe up on Har Sinai?

Forty days and forty nights. (34:28)

10. Why were Bnei Yisrael afraid of Moshe?

As Moshe came down from Har Sinai, there were beams of light surrounding him.