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Avram sets out on a journey that takes him to a new land where he begins his new family and starts a new religion.

1.       What is special about Avram?

He is chosen to lead a great nation. (12:2)

2.       Who went with Avram on his journey?

Sarai, his wife, and Lot, his brother-in-law and all the souls following him. (12:5)

3.       Why did Avram go to Egypt?

There was a famine in the land. (12:10)

4.      Why did Lot leave Avram and move to the plains of Jordan?

Avram’s flocks of sheep and Lot’s flocks of sheep became to large to live together. (13:6-7)

5.       Twice God promises Avraham that his descendants will be many. What does God compare them to?

The dust of the Earth (14:16) and the stars in the sky (15:5).

6.       Who is Hagar?

Hagar is Sarai’s maidservant that she gives to Abram, hoping that Hagar will be able to have children. (16:1-4)

7.       What was the name of Hagar and Avram’s son?

Ishmael. (16:15)

8.       How old should a Jewish boy be when he is circumcised?

8 days old. (17:12)

9.      To what are Avram and Sarai’s names changed to?

Avraham (17:5) Sarah (17:15)

10.   Why does Avraham laugh?

Because God told him that when he is 100 and Sarah is 90 years old they will have a baby. (17:17)