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Yosef begins this week’s Torah reading in prison and ends as the second in command of all of Egypt. It seems he’s been busy.

1. How many dreams does Pharoah have?

Two dreams. (41:1-5)

2. Which animal and how many of that animal appear in Pharoah first dream?

Fourteen cows. Seven healthy cows and seven sickly ones. (41:2)

3. What does Yosef do before he meets Pharoah?

He gets his haircut and changes his clothes. (41:14)

4. How does Yosef interpret Pharoah’s dreams?

There will be seven years of abundance followed by seven years of famine in the land of Egypt. (41:29-31)

5.What name does Pharoah give Yosef?

Zaphenath-Paneach. (41:45)

6. What are the names of Yosef’s two sons?

Menashe and Ephraim. (41:51-52)

7. How many brothers went down to Egypt to get food during the famine?

Ten. (42:3)

8. Who stayed home?

Binyamin. (42:4)

9. What does Yosef accuse his brothers of being?

Spies. (42:9)

10. What does Yosef instruct his servant to do?

Fill his brother’s bags with food but place Yosef’s silver goblet in Binyamin’s bag. (44:2)