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This week we have new responsibilities, we have offerings, we have the laws of the Nazarites and we have some generous gifts.

1. Who is the first clan to be counted in this week’s Torah reading?
Gershon. (4:22)

2. What is the job of Gershon and his sons?
To carry the pieces of the Tabernacle during the travels in the desert. (4:24)

3. If someone steals what is his/her punishment?
S/he must return whatever was stolen plus an additional 1/5 of the value. (5:7)

4. What is a Nazarite forbidden to eat and drink?
Anything from a grape – fresh grapes, dried grapes, wine etc. (6:3-4)

5. What else can’t a Nazarite do?
Shave his or her head or come in contact with a dead person. (6:5-6)

6. When the Nazarite finishes his/her term what should s/he do with his/her hair?
The Nazarite’s head is shaven at the entrance to the Tent of Meeting and is then burned on the altar. (6:18)

7. When can the Nazarite drink wine again?
Only after his/her offering is burned at the Tent of Meeting. (6:20)

8. What blessing is introduced in this week’s Torah reading?
The Blessing of the Priests. (6:23-27)

9. Who was the first leader to give an offering?
The leader from the tribe of Yehuda, Nachshon son of Amminadav. (7:12)

10. What was the dedication offering for the altar on the day it was annointed?
12 silver bowls, 12 silver basins and 12 golden ladles. (7:84)