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Purim is one of our most child-friendly holidays!
Test your Purim knowledge with our special edition TEN!

1.    When do we celebrate Purim?

The 14th day of Adar, this year that falls out on Saturday night March 19th and continues through Sunday, March 20th. In certain walled cities (like Jerusalem), Purim is celebrated on Sunday night and Monday.

2.    Who is the hero of the Purim story?


3.    How many times is the story of Esther (Megillat Esther) read on Purim?

Twice. Once at night and once the following morning.

4.    Who is the villain of the Purim story?


5.    What is Haman’s evil plan?

Haman picks a day to destroy all the Jews in King Achashverosh’s kingdom.

6.    Each time Haman’s name is read out loud in Megillat Esther, what is our custom?

To swing our greggers (noisemakers) as loudly as we can!

7.    What is the miracle of Purim?

Esther convinces King Achashverosh to allow the Jews to fight back. They manage to fight and win!

8.    What are the four commandments of Purim?

  • Listen to the Purim story
  • Eating a festive Purim meal
  • Sending food to your friends
  • Giving charity to the poor.

9.    What is the name of the official Purim cookie?

Hamentaschen, which means Haman’s ear!

10.What great tradition do we have on Purim?

To get dressed up.