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This week’s Torah reading talks about the types of animals, fish and birds that are kosher and not kosher.

1. What are the names of Aharon’s two sons that died?
Nadav and Avihu. (10:1)

2. What did they do that offended God?
They brought an alien fire to give an offering to God. (10:1)

3. Aharon and the priests are warned against coming to the Tent of Meeting intoxicated. What happens if they do?
They will die. (10:9)

4. What two features does an animal need to be considered kosher?
Completely split hooves and chews its cud. (11:3)

5. Why may you not eat a camel?
The hoof is not split. (11:4)

6. What two features does a fish need to be considered kosher?
Fins and scales. (11:9)

7. What is different about the laws of kashrut of the birds?
Here it names the birds as opposed to features of a bird that makes it permissible. (11:13-19)

8. If something is permissible but dies on its own, can you eat it?
No. (11:39-40)

9. What is the last thing prohibited to eat in this weeks portion?
Things that creep/Teem on the ground. (11:41)

10. Why does God command the Israelites to be holy?
Because God, Himself, is holy. (11:45)