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With the start of the book of Shmot, we watch the difficult living conditions the Jews are forced to endure. We also watch the birth and growth of Moshe.

1.       What are the name of the two cities the Jews built in Egypt?
Pitom and Raamses. (1:11)

2.       What did Pharaoh command all midwives to do?
To kill any Jewish baby boy born. (1:16)

3.       Who saved Moshe from the river, and raised him?
Pharaoh’s daughter. (2:5)

4.       Why did Moshe run away from Egypt?
Moshe killed an Egyptian who had been attacking a Jew. Moshe ran when he realized he was about to be punished. (2:14)

5.       In what form did God appear to Moshe for the first time?
A burning bush. (3:2)

6.       What is Moshe supposed to request from Pharaoh to free the Jews?
A three-day journey to go and pray to God (3:18)

7.       What is Aharon’s role to help free the Jews?
He is to speak for Moshe since he has a speech impediment. (4:14)

8.       How does Tzipporah, Moshe’s wife, save his life?
By performing a quick circumcision on their newborn son (4:25-26)

9.       What happens when Moshe asks Pharaoh for the 3-day journey?
Pharaoh made the conditions even worse for the Jews. (5:7)

10.   What does God say he will use to save the Jews from Pharaoh and Egypt?
A strong Hand (6:1)