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In this week’s Torah reading we’re looking at new leadership and we’re preparing for war.

1.       If there is a dispute, who can help solve it?
A Kohen, Levite or appointed Judge. (17:9)

2.       Who chooses the king of Israel?
G-d. (17:15)

3.      The king should not have too many…
Horses, wives, silver and gold. (17:16-17)

4.       How many copies of the books of Torah must the king write in his term?
Two. (17:18)

5.       What does G-d provide Bnei Israel with as a means to get His words?
A prophet. (18:15-20)

6.       How many cities of refuge are there in Israel?
Three. (19:2)

7.       What are the cities for?
A city of refuge is for people who kill others by accident. (19:4)

8.       What types of men do not need to go to battle?
Someone who built a new house and hasn’t lived in it yet, someone who planted a vineyard and not collected the grapes, an engaged man and someone who is scared. (20:5-9)

9.   Are you supposed to fight each city?
No, you should always first try and make peace. (20:10-11)

10.   What kind of trees were Bnei Israel not allowed to chop down after they conquered a city in battle?
Fruit Trees. (20:19-20)