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At the end of the holiday of Sukkot comes an additional celebration: Simchat Torah. Challenge your knowledge on the most joyous holiday of the year!

1. What is the definition of “Simchat Torah?”
Rejoicing with the Torah.

2. What are we celebrating on Simchat Torah?
The completion and the beginning of the annual Torah-reading cycle.

3. What are hakafot?
When we dance around the bimah holding the Torah. The literal translation is to circle around.

4. What is the last Torah reading in the book of Deuteronomy?
Zot HaBracha.

5. What is the first portion read?
Parshat Beresheet.

6. What is the special prayer recited before hakafot?
Atta Hareita.

7. How many sets of Hakafot are there?

8. Who is the Chatan Torah?
The person who receives the final aliyah of the Sefer Torah.

9. What does Kol HaNe’arim mean?
The voices of the children.

10. A What is the tradition of Kol HaNe’arim?
A special aliyah where a large talit covers the heads of all the children while the blessing over the Torah is said. An additional blessing is said to bless the children.