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This week the Jews are told how to create a sanctuary for God to reside in.

1.       Why did God ask the Jews to donate special items?

Because God is instructing the Jews to build a sanctuary where God can reside with the Jews. (25:1-8)

2.       What is the purpose of the Golden Ark?

To hold the new stone tablets. (25:16)

3.       What sits on the cover of the Ark?

Two angels facing each other. (25:18-20)

4.       What must always be on the table?

Show bread. (25:30)

5.       The Menorah described in this week’s portion is different from the ones we use in our homes on Chanukah. How?

This Menorah has 6 branches and on Chanukah there are have 8 branches. (25:32)

6.       What are the three colors of the curtains that cover the Mishkan?

Turquoise, purple and scarlet wool. (26:1)

7.       Are the walls of the Mishkan a single piece of wood or planks?

Planks. (26:15)

8.       Why are the Jews told to put up a partition around the ark?

To separate them from the holy of holies. (26:33)

9.       What is on the four corners of the Altar?

Horns covered in copper. (27:2)

10.   What surrounds the tabernacle?

A courtyard (27:9)