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It’s about now that you may be missing bread. That flat pseudo-bread, matza, just isn’t doing it for you anymore. Fear not! We’ve got ten things you can do with matza that will keep it interesting and exciting over the holiday! 

 1.    Matza Pizza. Use your matza square as your pizza base. Add tomato sauce and some cheese and bake. I like adding lots of veggies to give the pizza a bit of a kick. Try black olives, mushrooms, peppers and onions.

2.    Matza Brei. A great breakfast alternative. Some broken matza, some eggs and some sugar and cinnamon gives you something a bit different to eat this morning.

3.    Matza Cream Cheese and Jam. I’m not really a big fan of cream cheese and jam, but there is something about the crunchiness of the matza and the sweetness of the jam that makes it a good lunch choice.

 4.    Matza S’Mores. Especially if you are hiking and camping over Passover, this is a great dessert. Take two small squares of matza, drizzle some chocolate on the top. Let harden. Then add a marshmallow and a square of chocolate in between to pieces of matza.

 5.    Matza Chocolate, Nuts and Dried Fruit. Melt dark chocolate and coat your sheet of matza. Add a selection of chopped nuts, dried cranberries and small pieces of dried apricots. Refrigerate.

 6.    Matza Lasagna. True confession: I think I may like matza lasagna more than regular lasagna. I’m not sure why that it is. It may be the bread deprivation getting to me. But this recipe makes a great dinner.

 7.    Matza Granola. Another great breakfast or snacking option. Healthy and delicious. The perfect Passover treat.

 8.    Matza Hoagies. Put out a great selection of deli, condiments and veggies and use matza as your hoagie base. Great alternative to yet another BBQ dinner.

 9.    Matza Nachos. Let your broken matza squares become your corn chips. Serve with guacamole, salsa and melted cheese.

10.  Matza Chips. Dunk the matzot in water for a few seconds to get the matza just a bit pliable. Add oil, spices and salt and toast it lightly. Serve as a side dish.